Rübig Classical Chain System Links

Rübig Classical Chain System Links

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Detachable links for the Classical Chain System; patterned in the well-recognised Ewart style, but perfected to Rübig standards.     


Please click here to view the technical size information for each model and make a note of your Order Number.  Prices per. link begin at £2.10.  Versions available are High Strength (HF) for high quality carbon steel, High Wear Resistant (HV) for boron steel, Alloyed Steel (E) for both good wear-resistance and high tensile strength, and Stainless Steel (INOX) for greater durability and reliability.


-  Highly suited for industrial uses e.g. conveyors and elevators

-  Easy to assemble and disassemble by hand

-  Low weight

-  Weather-resistant and reliable in aggressive conditions

-  Forged steel

-  Beneficial fibre and structural conditions improves toughness


The number of links required per. metre and its weight can be viewed in the Specification tab.


Per. Metre Specs 
Order Number Links Required per. Metre Weight per. Metre (kg)
High Stength (HF)
 07293100  34.13  1.02
 07350100  28.57  0.98
 07390100  25.64  1.29
 07413100  24.21  1.24
 07440100  22.73  1.69
 07490100  20.41  1.14
 07570100  17.54  1.05
 07591100  16.95  1.03
 07590100  16.95  1.74
 07670100  14.93  2.97
 07785100  12.74  5.62
High Wear Resistant (HV)
 07350200  28.57  0.98
 07390200  25.64  1.28
 07413200  24.21  1.24
 07490200  20.41  1.14
 07591200  16.95  1.03
 07590200  16.95  1.74
 07670200  14.93  2.97
 07670201  14.93  3.61
 07785200  12.74  5.62
 07100200  10  6.06
 07125200  8  6.23
Alloyed Steel (E )
 07490400  20.41  1.14
 07590400  16.95  1.74
 07670400  14.93  2.97
 07670401  14.93  3.61
 07785400  12.74  5.62
 07100400  10  6.06
Stainless Steel (INOX)
 07490300  20.41  1.14
 07591300  16.95  1.03


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